Bridgewater Community Garden Network


Healing, empowerment, ownership, community, sense of belonging: these are just a few of the words used to describe the effects of a community garden on the people involved.

The Town of Bridgewater is striving to become a more sustainable community.  The Town’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) articulates the need for more “healthy, affordable, local food” to be available to the community of Bridgewater, and describes Community Gardens as one of several approaches to achieve this goal. In response to this,

Town Council, staff, and community members worked collaboratively to develop the Bridgewater Community Garden Network (BCGN).  The BCGN is a program of the Town and is managed by the Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture.

BCGN Vision

All citizens in Bridgewater have access to growing their own healthy food within their neighbourhoods, thus increasing Bridgewater’s food security, self-reliance and sustainability. Through shared experiences involving gardening, food and celebration, Bridgewater’s social capital is increased through the individual, intergenerational and intra-community relationships are nurtured through these activities.

BCGN Mission

To develop ways for the community to get hands-on education and experiences in gardening, food production, and related activities.  The BCGN achieves these outcomes by working according to its Core Values and the goals and principles of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.

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