Revolution in Action


This page gives a great sampling of a few of the many innovative ideas that have bubbled to the surface and are making waves in Bridgewater. The key in many of these initiatives is that they strive to include the diversity of the community, and strive to create new ways of working and being in Bridgewater. Some of these are examples of participatory democracy where citizen-led actions, supported by the municipal government, are making a difference.

Check back there’ll be more to come!

Bridgewater Cohousing Project, the only one in the province:

Youth created Video of Bridgewater’s 3rd Sustainability Festival, the only festival of it’s kind in the province:

Bridgewater’s Sustainablity Network, led by town staff Leon deVreede, the first and only full time  Sustainabilty Coordinator in a rural community in Nova Scotia:

The Bridgewater Community Christmas Dinner has just wrapped up it’s third year with over 400 people served a delightful dinner on Christmas Day. The aim of this dinner is to provide a dinner to the community of Bridgewater. Are values are inclusion, celebration, service and hosting a green event. Check this video from 2010:

The Hodge Podge Community Garden was started in Bridgewater in 2010 and has 20 beds available for community members who don’t have their own growing space to grow vegetables and flowers. The community garden was ripple from the 2009 Christmas dinner.


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