Bridgewater receives awards

Bridgewater has received yet another two awards in recent months.

AWARD 1: In the summer Bridgewater was one of three communities who received the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit Award.

This award celebrates the power, strength and diversity of vibrant communities across Nova Scotia. Bridgewater’s receipt of this award again confirms that it is a community that is brimming with local spirit and community activity. The events and projects which drew the recognition of the award committee included:

  • Moving the Bridgewater Library from downtown to it’s new location
  • Bridgewater’s efforts towards sustainability and community engagement
  • The Bridgewater Community Gardens Network
  • The Community Christmas Dinner
  • Senior Friendly Bridgewater
  • Kinship Project
  • Recreation Rocks with the Kraft Summer Tour
  • The United Way of Lunenburg County
  • The innovative Youth Engagement work going on
  • The AfterGlow Art Festival
  • Bridgewater’s Fire Department Band

To read the full submission go to: Bridgewater Spirit Award

 Award 2: At the Bright Business Conference, hosted by Efficiency Nova Scotia, the Town of Bridgewater was the recipient of a prestigious Bright Business Award!  Joining the ranks of other leaders in energy efficiency, the Town was recognized for its success in cutting energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from its facilities by 15% over a 5 year period, as well as its broader sustainability efforts. This great video highlights the town’s energy commitments and success with a shout out to the Community Gardens Network.

Note: for some reason the link below doesn’t go right to the Bridgewater Award video, so click on ‘play all’ and then search on the right for the 7th video which is the ‘Community Award, Town of Bridgewater’ Thanks!



Youth Arts Week Video

Here is the complete video of all the events from youth arts week. Special thanks to Justin and Tim at Lighthouse Media Group for your work on the video.

Hodge Podge Community Garden Opening Day

We had a tremendous opening day this past weekend with a number of new gardeners and some ‘veteran’ hodge podgers. We turned  beds, added soil, hung netting, and finished the compost bins. Over 25 people were present working to turn in a fresh compost of community connections. At times people were so busy meeting each other and chatting that it was like a big ol’ party!

Click here for more photos.

digging beds

garden opening day

Rosmarie Cyle and Shamus

South Shore Sustainability Expo

Check out this great event happening at the Nova Scotia Community College this Saturday, March 31. Lots of great ideas on products, services and ways to get involved towards Sustainability and Resilience. This event is one of many steps towards seeing our community as part of the global Transition Town Movement…and the more local Revolution Through Doing Good Things (check out the Revolution in Action pages on this blog).


HeartWood Leadership Youth Make a Difference in Bridgewater

Re-posting this as there was an error in the original posting and it did not show up on the blog. Also added some photographs. Text is written by youth from the HeartWood March Break Youth Leadership Program which had a special emphasis on Bridgewater.

building the compost bin

The experiences in Bridgewater at HeartWood’s leadership camp have really been a great and eventful opportunity. Some of the things we have done have been a really great and a fun experience.

On the first day of the camp, making friends was really easy and great. Seeing some of the people of Bridgewater and how they have affected the community and people in general has been very influential. We split up into groups and visited different leaders in the community; an example of one would be Leon who worked at the Town Hall. Leon’s idea was to make things more eco friendly in an effective way and made us feel like we could do the same.

The next day we went out into the community and partook in service projects. Some of us went to the Small World Day Care, where we looked after the children and played with them. Some of us went to the Ryan Hall Seniors Home where we played music and socialized with the seniors and some of us helped to build a structural compost bin for the community gardens.

When we weren’t out in the community we were back in the M.A.R.C. in Dayspring, where we participated in different activities that helped us develop our leadership skills and passions.

We are a diverse group of youth who come from different parts of the province and we hope to bring home all of the new skills and passions we have learned and developed back into our communities so we too can make a difference.

Written by: Tyler Brimfield, Hailie Harrison and Shamus Stapleton, participants in HeartWood’s March Break Leadership program.

This year the Bridgewater Community Christmas Dinner was able to provide scholarships for 4 local youth to attend the program.

Sheild tag in the blizzard

Tyler playing keyboards during the "Not Necessarily Talented, But All Talented" talent show

Blaize sharing his rabbit snaring skills during the participant led session

compost crew with Ernie and Rosmarie

Incredible Edible Bridgewater coming soon

“It doesn’t take big things to create big changes.            

It takes small things that capture the imagination.”

-Incredible Edible Todmorden

Imagine one small thing: a garden plot of vegetables in front of a local business with a sign: “Help yourself”.  And people do…  A child delights in the sweetness of a sugar pod pea… A client shares her tomato-growing skills… A passerby tends to the weeds in exchange for a head of lettuce.

Now imagine that others are inspired to do their own small thing. Pretty soon, there are small plots of vegetables growing at the daycare, the police station, and peppering the lawns of businesses, homes and apartments everywhere you look.  You now live in a town where everyday you see food growing around you. It is being tended and eaten by the people who live and work and play there.

Imagine the impact of this edible landscape on how we think about the food we eat. We plant it, harvest it, share it, and learn to love the food that is healthiest for our bodies, our community, and the planet. The Bridgewater Community Garden Network envisions this edible landscape in our town. Incredible Edible Bridgewater. Can you see it too?