NOW Lunenburg County

The Ivany report has made visible the challenges and uncertainty that face all Nova Scotians. The silence has been broken and now we all stand on the edge of the cliff. It is up to us to act. The leaders who will help change our current trajectory will be those who refuse to be victims of circumstance. These change leaders will step forward to take responsibility for the future, now.

The challenge in the face of uncertainty is to move from feeling overwhelmed and isolated to working together to build a future that is compelling for all involved. 

It is now imperative to find ways to break down the silos and to connect together all the different people and organisations that are ready to, or are already, acting for change. This will enable us to amplify and accelerate what we are already doing, identify gaps in our efforts and develop new   prototype solutions. 

1401270087The long term aim is to establish a trustworthy multi-stakeholder group of innovators and change leaders at the heart of the county. 
This group will develop a portfolio of prototype solutions designed to go beyond dealing with symptoms and get at the root causes of why things are not working. When we face new challenges we will have the depth of relationships, diversity of skills and collective courage to respond.

NOW Lunenburg hosted over 90 people at the Launch Event on May 13th at the Blockhouse Fire Hall. We registered 18 projects from issues on immigration, healthcare and transportation. They will track the projects over the next six months and will share their learning with the community.

NOW Lunenburg will be holding social gatherings over the summer. Please join us for refreshments and to hear updates on the local projects. The first gathering will take place on July 10, 2014 5pm – 7pm at Wile’s Lake Market in Wileville.

To check out some of the projects that people in our community are working on or to get involved check out the Now Lunenburg County Website.


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