Afterglow Art Festival Accepting Applications for 2014 event


The Third Annual Afterglow Art Festival in Bridgewater is now accepting applications! 

In order to make this event a success we need artists to showcase their talent at the festival. Each project will be artist-led and each artist initiative will be organized independently for the event. Please check out our website for our last year’s program and photos for a better understanding of this experience. Projects to be considered will be comprised of any of the following (but not limited to):

  • Art installations
  • Gallery style hangings
  •  Projections
  •  Music performance
  •  Written & Spoken word
  •  Culinary/Food Art 
  •  Dance and theatrical performance, improv theatre
  •  Artist led workshops
  •  Film/Video
  •  Roaming or mobile art *on foot*

All applications will be accepted as along as they follow our follows of being family friendly, safe and accessible. There will be help to find an appropriate location for you. Contact Ashton Rodenhiser at with quetsions. 


One comment on “Afterglow Art Festival Accepting Applications for 2014 event

  1. Hello there My name is sushma from Halifax,i am a professional Henna tattoo artist .want to know can i set up my table in this festival love to join you.give me all info.thanks in advance.

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