Bridgewater Community Christmas 2013

The Bridgewater Community Christmas Society is working towards its 5th annual event.

Volunteer All-Call is Tuesday November 12th at 7 pm in the Bridgewater Super Store community room.
Come to learn more about the dinner and how you can help.  All are welcome.

About the Bridgewater Community Christmas

This community-building initiative aims to bring people together from all walks to share joy, company and food on Christmas Day. This volunteer-run event aims to have this meal be accessible to all, and to celebrate this festive occasion as a community.

WHAT: Full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings (turkey or vegetarian), festive decorations, live music, children’s area, chance to meet & mingle with friends and neighbours.

WHEN: Christmas Day, 1:30pm

WHERE: Park View Education Centre

WHO: For families, individuals and couples who want to share a community meal on Christmas Day.

Tickets available Dec 2st, free of charge, by calling 529-1182.

Food, cash and in-kind donations will be solicited before the event, to cover expenses.

Transportation will be available.

Intentions for the Bridgewater Community Christmas

Our intention for this event is on community building (bringing people together to share joy, company and food); and inclusion (a meal and atmosphere were all feel welcome and included).

This means:

Celebration: We’re here to celebrate our community, each other, have fun, and eat good healthy food.

Inclusion: We will strive to create an atmosphere that is inviting, welcoming and accessible to the diversity of people who may attend this meal. Our messaging will be inclusive and positive. We intend this event to include families, couples and individuals; to be multi-generational; to be interfaith as well as welcoming to those without a faith.

Service: Our gift for the season will be through service, rather than material gift giving. Through our contribution to the meal and our community, we serve and are served, and thereby receive gifts from each other.

Green: We will strive to create a green event, and share the importance of this, through prudent use of resources, and minimal waste. Local foods will be sourced where possible.

If you are interested volunteering, donating or would like to know more, please contact us:


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