Cafe 12 The Great Unveiling

It’s been on the down low for most of the year, but yesterday evening Cafe 12 Bridgewater had a Great Unveiling at a public meeting with Town Council. The seats were packed with over 35 people present as we shared our proposal to Town Council.

Cafe 12 supporters at Council Meeting

Our request is to lease the Bridgewater Library Building when the current Library moves into the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre in 2013.  The Library’s move could have the result of another empty building on King Street–or it can be seized as an opportunity of new life to an iconic Bridgewater building.

Bridgewater Library building to Cafe 12

Library photos December 2011

Cafe 12 is a non-profit corporation, a network of cafes shaped by the gifts of individual communities, where all ages love to gather. It’s staff are trained experts and inviting neighbours to get involved in community building in ways that encourage creativity, leadership and enterprise. The result–a thriving community.

In Bridgewater we have a design team of 12 who have been working hard over the past month to get a proposal together for council, which was generally well received. We’ve also built some great relationships with community agencies, individuals and supporters. Some of those include: Lighthouse Media Group, the Police Department, Lunenburg District Office of Community Services, United Way, Wildwood Cafe, the Bridgewater Development Association, and South Shore Public Libraries, and more!

Rachel, Ashton and Brian present to Council

Bridgewater Town Council asked some great questions, and what was most awesome was that other council members or  town staff responded to the questions, showing support among council and staff for the vision and concept. The next steps will be to meet with town staff to answer their questions, work out details of the proposal and work towards a lease agreement that is acceptable to both groups.

We later celebrated this milestone by the river, with cake!

always celebrate with cake!

Cafe 12 Bridgewater Design Team and Friends celebrating by the river


8 comments on “Cafe 12 The Great Unveiling

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  2. Kudos to all the hard work this creative team has accomplished. Now it won’t be so sad to leave this building, knowing it will be loved by Cafe 12!

  3. Some of us folks in Echuca, Victoria, Australia are watching the progress of Cafe 12 with great interest. Our old library is about to stand empty next week and debates have arisen about what to do with such a beautiful, historic old building. Bridgewater is a shining example to the rest of the world! Good luck.

  4. I’m excited about the possibilities of this project and would be interested lending a hand. Is there a contact available?

  5. Love the Cafe 12 concept and energy driving this project. Over the course of the past 17 years we have had the opportunity to participate in change and growth in Bridgewater with respect to youth and families. We would love to engage with you and dialogue in relation to Cafe 12 and how we may contribute or partner in relation to the use of space?????

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