Hodge Podge Community Garden Open House

Saturday July 21 was the Hodge Podge Community Garden Open House. This is the third year for this event and third year of the garden. This year we have 20 beds in action as well as 3 gardens in local businesses and gathering places supported through Incredible Edible Bridgewater.

The open house featured the slip and slide, garden tours, music by Bruce Oaks, Cate’s delicious Hodge Podge (a milk based chowder of all the great early summer veggies: beans, peas, potatoes, carrots). This year also featured the first and only sashing of Ms Hodge Podge 2012 (Cate!) (This is a life-time achievement and award, as no one can replace Cate’s Hodge Podge!)

Ms Hodge Podge 2012












We counted between 80 and 85 people with a great diversity of ages, it seems we had every decade represented up to the nineties! Thanks to all the great volunteers who made it all happen!

Cutting potatoes for Hodge Podge

veggie prep

fun for grown ups too!

the Mitchell children slippin’ and slidin’

All ages love to gather
dishing up Hodge Podge