Youth Arts Week Action

Day 1 of youth arts week started with Jason and Jess creating sidewalk chalk murals outside the Bridgewater Elementary and Highschools;

Youth Arts Week

Jason and Jess Chalk it Up


Following this a few of us were hanging art at the Wildwood Cafe:

Kyrsten, Hannah, Ashton

Aston and Kyrsten

On Wed, Jason and Jess were at Bluenose Academy and yesterday at Bayview School chalkin’ it up.

Last night a few of us went around town during to pick through people’s spring clean up junk piles to find treasures for our Free Range Art event on Saturday. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm in a group of young people as they pick through trash! It’s all about their passion for art and being involved in something meaningfully. Our roving photographer Stephanie was along capturing some of the adventure:

Free Ranging It

One person’s junk…

Look at that haul!

Treasure hunters

Today is preparing for the Free Range Art event tomorrow, chalking up King Street, and the Coffee House at the Library!


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