Incredible Edible Bridgewater coming soon

“It doesn’t take big things to create big changes.            

It takes small things that capture the imagination.”

-Incredible Edible Todmorden

Imagine one small thing: a garden plot of vegetables in front of a local business with a sign: “Help yourself”.  And people do…  A child delights in the sweetness of a sugar pod pea… A client shares her tomato-growing skills… A passerby tends to the weeds in exchange for a head of lettuce.

Now imagine that others are inspired to do their own small thing. Pretty soon, there are small plots of vegetables growing at the daycare, the police station, and peppering the lawns of businesses, homes and apartments everywhere you look.  You now live in a town where everyday you see food growing around you. It is being tended and eaten by the people who live and work and play there.

Imagine the impact of this edible landscape on how we think about the food we eat. We plant it, harvest it, share it, and learn to love the food that is healthiest for our bodies, our community, and the planet. The Bridgewater Community Garden Network envisions this edible landscape in our town. Incredible Edible Bridgewater. Can you see it too?


2 comments on “Incredible Edible Bridgewater coming soon

  1. Bridgewater Library staff will change our little flower garden at the back of the building to a vegetable garden. We want to be part of Incredible Edible Bridgewater.

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