Look who’s moving in

Currently there is a great influx of young people to the local area. Though not all are moving directly to Bridgewater, they are coming to the surrounding area to buy homes and properties, and will definitely be users of Bridgewater’s services.

In the last few months, a number of young farmers have bought or are buying small farms in the area with intentions of growing and selling produce. We know a number of people moving here from Ontario, the West Coast and beyond. The South Shore is where it’s at. Some are  young entrepreneurs who have business ventures they’d like to try out, some are artists and musicians, people in health care, teachers and some work in the not-for-profit sector.

One young man I spoke to recently spoke of his struggle to find meaningful work and possibly needing to move to Halifax. However his heart wants to remain close to Bridgewater.

So what’s the draw? The beautiful landscape, the people, the pace. For some it’s a return to Nova Scotia where they were born and raised. For some it’s a sense of community, sense of belonging, and quality of life. For some it’s the opportunity to be who they want, to live life fully, and to raise their  family here.

I arrived on the South Shore by chance and stayed because of the people, community lifestyle, and opportunities to be involved. To me, local activities like community dinners, local music, sports events, community gardens, and farm markets mean that people here care about working together to create a great place to live. What's really amazing is that we can all be part of it. It's been one year now and I love it here! ~ Rachelle Rebman

"We had been dreaming about giving up urban life for years and in May 2011 we finally made it happen. Bridgewater is the perfect central location for our family. Here we can live in the woods but still have friends nearby and shopping within walking distance. Its an easy commute to Halifax and a short drive to an amazing school, organic farms, and beaches." Melissa, Matt, Oliver & Waverleigh Roberts


2 comments on “Look who’s moving in

  1. Great posting. We have a lot to offer in Bridgewater & surrounding area. Part of the reason for our success is the strong community support and initiatives that are quite evident. Together we can continue to move our community forward to provide opportunities for all and a quality of life that is second to none.

  2. Hi,

    this is great news as are the statistics that Bridgewater is growing. I realize uncontrolled growth is not necessarily a good thing, but in a province like Nova Scotia with so much out-migration and an aging population, this particular news is very reassuring. We need young families to bring new ideas and energy, entrepreneurship and a sustainable vision for the future and it is happening! I have noticed the appearance of many younger couples and families in the area in the past few years and I am glad that they seem to be noticing what I always have: that Bridgewater is actually a place of untapped potential. It has a great location, close to many natural resources like quick access to beaches on the sea and cottage life inland, recreation on the river, schools and fitness facilities, farmland only two minutes from town, and an enlightened group of people making great inroads into sustainable lifestyles. And it has a wonderfully peaceful vibe nestled into this gentle landscape. I know there are a lot of creative artists and musicians tucked into the rural communities that radiate out from town, on my wish list is to see more venues pop up for their talents to be shared in a central location. And to hear that there are new farmers moving nearby is great news as I am involved with the Bridgewater Farmers’ Market, and am committed to supporting it’s growth to provide easy access to fresh, local food in season, an outlet for small farms in the area and a place for building community and vitality in the downtown core. Send them our way! Thanks for this blog and all you are doing at R2W!

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