I Love Bridgewater

Where did the “I heart Bridgewater” pins and campaign originate? We were at a meeting introducing ourselves and when it came to Cate she said, “I’m Cate and I love Bridgewater.” Anna who was across the circle and grew up in LaHave, dropped her jaw and said “I’ve never heard anyone say that before!”

This started a big discussion about people’s perceptions of Bridgewater, and  when Anna went to Parkview she’d only pass through Bridgewater on the school bus and didn’t have an opportunity to build a relationship with the town. During the meeting we shared a bit more about the exciting things happening and the idea evolved to make pins that say “I heart Bridgewater”.

Anna, also an artist, took on the task to design the pins. We borrowed a button maker and during the Community Christmas dinner preparation had a group of teens making 500 buttons. We then gave them out to the 400 guests and volunteers at the dinner.

Check out this great video that’s all over facebook! (Video credit: Patrick Hirtle)


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