Training for Transition

Five of us just returned from the Transition Network‘s Training for Transition held over the weekend in St Margaret’s Bay. It was hosted by Transition Bay and very inspiring to hear of the great work they are doing there. Marion Moore, Jason Voth, Cate deVreede, Geraline Blijleven and Brian Braganza all participated representing Team Bridgewater!

Among all the great learning, opportunities to connect with people from across the province working on transition their own communities, we were able to share some of the dynamic work going on in Bridgewater.

A special highlight was sharing “I love Bridgewater” pins with Lauren and K8 (former Lunenburg County residents) and having them come around to the notion that after all they were hearing, they could actually love Bridgewater!

Change the story, change the culture!

More to come about Transition in Bridgewater, but for now–Bridgewater is Mulling!

Here’s a teaser: trailer for the upcoming Transition movie


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